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Great photography begins with a conversation. Who do you love? What inspires you? How do you imagine your wedding?

We have some fun, we get to know each other. That’s how I make pictures that reflect who you are as a couple, your sense of humor, and your personal story.

On your wedding day I come with a plan, but I don’t believe in sticking to a formula. We’ll follow the energy that happens when your favorite people get together. You do the laughing, the hugging, the jumping for joy, and the marrying, and I will document it all with contemporary, beautifully crafted photographs. Sometimes you’ll forget I’m even there, and at other times I will see the opportunity for a unique picture and make it happen.

Your wedding pictures are much more than a collection of snapshots—they are the narrative of your adventure together. I hope that years from now you will page through your album and say to one another, Yeah, that’s just what it felt like. 


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