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“What should we wear?” is by far the most-asked question couples have about engagement sessions. Here are my favorite tips:

  • Dress like you’re going out for a fun date night!

It can be a date to the fanciest restaurant in town or a pizza and bowling date, whatever you’re most comfortable with. Just pick something that feels like the nicest, most fun version of yourself.

A little pampering to make this feel like a special occasion is also a great idea. If you like to get your nails done, head to the salon! Some women also use the engagement shoot as an opportunity to do a hair and makeup trial run, especially if the potential hairdo in question can go with a more casual outfit.

  • Coordinate but don’t match.

Remember those 90’s family photo shoots, where mom and dad and all the kids wore matching jeans and white t-shirts? Let’s not do that.

That said, it’s important that you two look great both separately and as a pair. Pick a color scheme – navy, forrest brown and burgundy, black and green, or yellow and blues, etc., – and stick within a color grouping that you know works together. Also make sure your outfits match in their level of dressiness or casualness.


  • Watch your patterns.

Patterns can be so much fun! Just make sure that patterns go together if you incorporate more than one, and don’t go overboard. Often it’s a good idea to have one person wear a pattern and the other wear solid colors, so that you stay within a color family but have a balance of visual interest.

  • Take everything out of your pockets.

This one may seem nit-picky, but those phones, wallets, etc. that might usually live in your pants pocket look fine in regular life, but they look awkward and bulky in photos.

  • Mix it up!

Sometimes couples like to bring a change of clothes so that we can do half the photo session in their cute, casual outfits, and then dress up for the other half of the shoot. Other couples prefer to travel light and just wear one outfit. Either way is great!

If you’d like to stick with one outfit, layering your outfit is a great way to get some variety in your shoot. Bring a cute jacket, a scarf, a hat, or even some extra jewelry so that we can create different looks for you while still keeping everything simple.

  • Be comfortable.

The most important thing about your engagement session is not what you’re wearing, but how much fun you’re having, and so all the key outfit ingredients probably already exist in your closet. But if you’re excited to buy that new blazer or that new Anthropologie dress, go for it! Have fun dressing up! Just make sure that any new clothes are true to your style and that the outfit is in a cut that you wear frequently because it’s flattering to your body type.

And by all means, if you want to wear heels, wear heels! Just bring along a pair of comfortable flats, as we’ll do a lot of walking (and maybe some dancing, climbing on things, and racing) during your engagement shoot.

Can’t wait for your session! And remember, if you’ve got a strong sense of style and you want to wear something that doesn’t match these guidelines, just do it! Rules were meant to be broken. :)


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