Portraits of the couple are an important time in many wedding days. Here are a few tips to help us get the loving, candid-feeling portraits that you see in my wedding galleries:

  • Schedule enough time in the wedding day for portraits of the two of you.

To make relaxed, natural portraits of the two of you, I’ll need some time to be set aside in the wedding day that is apart from the family formals and group photo time. An hour is about right.

We can simply stay near your venue, finding beautiful light and surprising spots. If you have a larger amount of time set aside for photos with the wedding party in various locations, we can send your wedding party back to the trolley while we take some time to photograph just the two of you. If we are traveling to different locations, remember to factor in the travel time as well.

  • Save time for a little spontaneity later in the evening.

If your portrait session is in the morning or afternoon, it can be lovely to add a little additional portrait time later in the day. If we have 15 minutes or so to step outside for some gorgeous sunset light or some dramatic nighttime portraits, it can give you a little breather and add some gorgeous variety in your portraits.

  • If you’re nervous about having your portrait taken, consider an engagement session.

Countless people have told me that they aren’t photogenic, aren’t models, or that they don’t know how to behave for the camera. If, like most clients, you’re feeling a little nervous about having your picture taken, book an engagement session. It’s a great opportunity to show you a few small things that you can remember for your wedding day portraits. Even better, you can go into the wedding day with confidence knowing that there’s nothing to worry about; being photographed with your partner is easy and fun, and you’ll have seen the results of your engagement session to know that you can expect good things.

  • Plan for this time to be JUST the two of you.

It’s lovely to get pictures with all the important people in your life, and I encourage you to set aside plenty of formals time (and additional fun wedding party time if you prefer) to make sure we capture all your most important relationships. But the couple’s portraits are different; pictures of you two will come out most beautifully if you can totally relax, leaving all the demands and social necessities of the wedding day behind.

Some very well-meaning people might want to join us at this point, but let’s gently tell them that this is time for just the two of you to spend some time getting pictures alone. That way you can just focus on each other, and I can focus just on making beautiful pictures of you two.

  • Enjoy this time with each other!

This might be the only time during the wedding day when you get to spend some time quietly together. I will find photogenic settings and give you some direction so that you’re confident with the camera, but ultimately I try and step back to capture this one moment when you truly just get to enjoy each other on your wedding day.

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